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Web Hosting Facts: Busting Myths About Hosting Services

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Websites are becoming one of the necessities of an entrepreneur or a professional’s starter kit. For instance, is a business really legit if it doesn’t have a website? Now, the thing with web hosting is that it is one of those things that is at the backend of web development. Even people outside of the web industry have a vague idea of what web designing is, but web hosting is a different story.


Since web hosting is not as widely known as its cousin (web design), you can expect that there are lots of misconceptions about it. Is web hosting difficult to understand? Not really. But is it something you can effortlessly handle on your own? Not exactly. The key to making good decisions about your web hosting is understanding even just its basics.

Busting Myths About Web Hosting

Here are some common misconceptions about web hosting and some actual facts about it:


Myth 1: Web Hosting has something to do with programming and coding.

Okay, there was once a time when only IT professionals understand how to work with web hosting, but those times are gone. This myth is so far from the truth at this point. A lot of web hosting providers offer easy steps and platforms for non-IT people to use.


Fact: Nowadays, all you need to do is to inform the web host provider about your goals and the features you need, and they can pretty much recommend which web hosting plan will work for you. You don’t need to be an IT professional to make it work.

Myth 2: All web host providers offer the same things.

It is true that when people are in the exact same industry, the offers tend to overlap with some of their competitors. However, it doesn’t mean that every single web host provider offers the exact same thing. Because some beginners think that all web hosts offer the same thing, it doesn’t matter where they get their hosting since the only difference is the price.


Fact: The web hosting industry developed and improved in the past few years. These developments lead to the industry supporting web hosts with unique services making it possible to cater and host sites ranging from small pages to large websites, from private to public, etc.

Myth 3: Your business can live on FREE web hosting.

Freebies are always welcomed, but they are not always the best. Free web hosting will work for a small blogger or a hobbyist just eager to put out their work or crafts over the internet. However, free web hosting can create some problems for bigger websites.


Facts: Free web hosting often lacks strong tech support and it has limited bandwidth that will affect your website connection and uptime. On top of these limitations, free web hosting will also use your website for placing ads as this is how they will earn income from you for their free service.

Myth 4: Good web hosting services are expensive.

Since free isn’t good, expensive web hosting services are the way to go, right? Not exactly. It all depends on what you need.


Fact: As mentioned previously, there are many types of web hosting services and plans available nowadays. These services come in different price points. Good web hosting does not have to cost a fortune. You just need to determine what kind of plan and features you need. Also, it is a good idea to check how the web host provider seeks to maintain a high-profit margin. For instance, web hosts offering shared hosting services claim to provide a lot for such a cheap price, but the quality suffers because they are cramping too many sites per server.

Why is cramping too many sites in one server bad? Doing this slows down page load times and the volume of sites can lead to constant server outages. You don’t want this for a business or professional website.


Myth 5: You should get web hosting from the company where you registered your domain name.

People think that they should get their hosting and domain name from the same company to experience the full benefit of the services. However, this isn’t true. Getting these things from the same vendor does not guarantee better service.


Fact: You can get your domain name and web hosting from different providers. Some companies are known for their great domain registration services and some are well-renowned for their web hosting offers. There are some companies who are good at both, but of course, it pays to research.


Making an informed decision about your web host company plays a significant role in ensuring that you don’t encounter bigger issues down the road. Do not fall for misconceptions and myths about web hosting.

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