Everyday, thousands of people apply for a job, are you one of them? If yes, then you have to prepare yourself for the interview. I have to say, job interviews are nerve racking and the feeling when you are waiting for the time to pass by is terrifying. Your palms are getting sweaty and you can’t help yourself but stare at the clock from time to time. It’s better for you to plan in advance and practice possible questions so that you will be ready when the right day comes. Prepare all important documents such as resume, list of references and portfolio.

Few days before your scheduled interview, you should already make a list of what you will need on that particular day. You will also need a list of the possible questions that may be asked and at the same time, prepare your answers. Being prepared and all would give you an advantage. In addition, to give you the edge to stand above the rest, you have to observe proper etiquette during your interview. Interviewers are very particular, they have been in the industry for so long that they want to see professionalism in you, so you have to take note of that. To help you out, here are five best job interview etiquette tips you should observe.


1. Be Punctual.

NEVER be late on the day of your interview – it’s a big no-no. Arriving about thirty minutes ahead of time would be good but an hour isn’t necessary. You have to prepare and anticipate traffic as well as delays. You have to understand that time is precious and you don’t want to waste you interviewer’s time.

2. Shut Your Phone Off.


Of course, it is understandable that you need your phone but you have to make sure to turn it off during your interview – don’t set it to vibrate. A phone ringing in the middle on an interview would show rudeness. Before you enter the building, make sure to turn it off and you can turn it back on right after.

3. Sit Up Straight – Don’t Slouch.


When you are told to sit, sit up straight and lean a little bit forward. It will give an impression that you are listening attentively and interested in every word that they say. Avoid too much body language, that’s not good and it will seem that you’re nervous. Keep your feet firmly on the ground and don’t forget to smile.

4. Be Attentive And Keep An Eye Contact.


Listen carefully to the words and questions that are being asked by your interviewer. By listening attentively, you can provide best questions. Connect with them through an eye contact and it can help you gain their trust. Use the windows to your soul in convincing them why you deserve the job.

5. Say Thank You At Least Twice


After your interview, don’t forget to deliver a firm handshake and say thank you to your interviewer. As much as possible, you have to send a thank you note through email or good-old fashioned snail mail. “Thank You” is just two words but conveys a bigger meaning, so you have to say it at least two times – before and after your interview.

Remember, it is always better if you show them how job-ready you are and it will leave a lasting impression to them. You will get a higher chance of getting the job if you put your confidence on it – just the right amount but not too much. Before you head out the door, check your bag first and make sure that everything is in there. Don’t forget to bring your customized business cards; you can hand them over to your interviewer after you shook hands. It’ll make it easier for them to remember you. Dress appropriately and keep your smile on, it’s going to be your best accessory. Once you’re ready, head out the door and go reach for your goal!

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