Top 5 Best Milk-Producing Countries In The World

Have you ever wondered where your favorite milk came from? Milk is one of the most delicious yet healthy drinks that we consume. Not everyone likes to drink it, though. When we were kids, our parents force to drink milk even if we don’t like it that much and we end up playing chase because our parents are so relentless. Have you experienced that as well? However, as we grow older, we were able to open our eyes and gain knowledge of how important it is for our health. Milk has many uses and products as well that are being used in our everyday living.

Way back, we often see commercials or advertisements on the TV about how milk is being produced and that it comes from cows/cattles and goats, but little do we know where are they being produced or which country was it from. We only know the leading brands, never the place of origin of the milk. In a global scale, a cow can produce an average of nearly 7 gallons of milk each day that sums up to 2,500 gallons each year. Imagine how many gallons of milk could be produced by thousands of cows in the world. Now, here are the top five best milk-producing countries in the world.


1. United States Of America

Annually, U.S. dairy farms produce roughly 23 billion gallons of milk which is why this country is at the top of the list. U.S has been the largest milk producing country in the world which produces 14.6% of the overall production. It holds approximately 51,000 dairy farms which do not only produce milk but as well as cheese, milk, yogurt and powder milk for infants.

2. India


India sits next to the U.S as one of the leading producers of milk which also made a record of 54 million tons of milk in 2012. This country’s leading occupation is taking care of cattle’s and livestock which is why they can help produce a lot of milk. The IFCN (International Farm Comparison Network) mentioned that India deserves to belong at the top of the list.

3. Pakistan


One of the known agricultural countries in the world is Pakistan wherein livestock sector plays a fundamental role in the economy. In fact, Nestle, the 4th major milk processing group in the world is working and processing milk in Pakistan. Annually, this country can produce 41.6 Million tons of milk.

4. China


Aside from the popular Great Wall of China, this Asian country also has something more to offer. In China, there is an estimated population of 14 million cows which mainly contributes to their milk production. It increases milk production by 8%-10% annually which is why their economy continues to grow bigger and bigger.

5. New Zealand


New Zealand has the biggest dairy farm industry which also exports 95% of its milk. Their exporting business started way back in 1846 and today has become the largest exporter of milk in the world. Its dairy farm business owns 12 million hectares of rural land out of which 1.6 million hectares. In the years 2010-2011, there was a significant growth in their dairy production due to increased number of cows which is 4.5 million of cows which automatically resulted in high production of milk.

From these countries, milk is being imported to other countries which are also used to create or manufacture other dairy products such as butter and cheese. However, not all states in the US are rich in dairy products, Alaska in particular. According to dairy manufacturers there, dairy products are almost non-existent in their state. Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop it from being one of the best travel destinations in the world. Alaska has vast wilderness, abundant wildlife and spectacular mountain ranges which attracts tourists as well as cruisers to experience Alaska’s marvels. Besides, it is the best place for adventures as well as wildlife refuge while other states and countries can cover the milk production.

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