Do you still remember your first toy built out of Lego? It was really fun building it for yourself, right? Lego derived its name from Danish words, "leg" and "godt" which literally means "play well". This amazing toy has indeed brought happiness and great joy to our childhood. Imagine how these miniature bricks could collectively turn into cars, buildings, trains, ships, castles, dream house or even robots. I could still remember how me and my brothers built a replica of Optimus Prime and Megatron out of Lego. It was really cool, and until now the legacy of these bricks continues to grow and people all over the world still can't get enough of it.

The Lego Group started from humble beginnings and now, look how far it reached, how big it became and the rest is history. Due to its million uses, this brick toy has been the loved and collected by many. In fact, there are celebrities as well that are known Lego collectors such as David Beckham. Plus, it even has its movie! Through the years, it has been able to reach out to people worldwide. Several sets of designs have been released, produced and distributed globally, so now here are the best sets Lego has to offer.


1. The Lego Tub

This Lego set has more than 600 colorful elements and great assortment of bricks that would let you build your imagination into life. You can build anything, even miniature heavy equipment for construction, your own empire or even a space ship. Boredom will never get to you if you have this.

2. Star Wars

An iconic Lego set which is inspired by Star Wars which allows you to build your own galaxy of voyages. To complete your experience, along with this set are Star Wars characters to bring this epic movie into reality.


3. The Tower of Orthanc

This Lord of The Ring motivated Lego Set includes a 28-inch high tower where Grandalf and Saruman are at the top facing one another. It has 2,359 pieces inclusive of a dungeon of death, throne room and a whole lot more.


4. Taj Mahal

The biggest set among the rest which has 5, 299 pieces and features India's historical landmark. It is just like the miniature of the original structure, and among the real-world landmark sets, this is the biggest and henceforth it is better.


5. Back To The Future Time Machine

Have you watched the movie back to the future? Well then, this is its Lego version. It's also a great representation of Lego's very cool Cuusoo program, which supports fan-created sets.


6. Galaxy Explorer

Everything is all about spaceships! This is a little of a throwback, for this set has been first released in 1979 and for those who have it, it may bring back happy memories. It has been considered as the jewel in Lego's Space Line era, and it has been featured in the Lego Movie as well, when Benny built his perfect space ship during the film's climax (oh yeah!).


7. Technic Grand Prix Racer

This isn't just a building set, but it also features moving parts and "realistic functions" like independent all-wheel suspension, moving pistons, and steering capabilities. Imagine building your own speed racing tournament!


8. The Batman Set

Batman has just celebrated its 75 th anniversary, and this Batcave set has been the finest hero-figure set that was published in 2012. It is also a good way to pay tribute to DC Comic Book's superhero.


9. Imperial Flagship

Lego has been developing pirate-inspired sets back in 1980's and was even able to produce Pirates of the Caribbean few years ago. Now, they have created the Imperial Flagship for a great display piece.


10. Frozen Set

Do you wanna build a snowman? – Words from the highest grossing animated film of all time, Frozen. This set features Elsa's Castle which is comprised of six different shades of translucent blue bricks.


There is no doubt now that Lego has been able to produce one the best toys ever. In February 2015, Lego has officially took over the toy kingdom by being dubbed as the "World's Most powerful Brand", and it replaced Ferrari. Now, you could go ahead and build your own toys out of these bricks and reminisce your childhood days. Have Fun!

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