Smartphone Integrated Digital Business Cards: Gamble-Worth Apps

The existence of palm-sized paper business cards are being overruled by smartphone integrated apps today. At this digital age, people want to have easier access to other people's contact information without the need to carry paper-printed cards in their wallet or in their briefcases. Plus, the online communities built through the social networking sites are expanding every minute, thus, digital business cards are at an advantage. You may ask why? Technically, digital apps allow you to create your own virtual business card, with all your necessary information in just a few clicks. Once you have already created your profile, it is easier to share it online through social media.

Smartphones have already become a necessity for us in this digital era. Whenever people go, they always carry it along with them. This is another reason why virtually created business cards are more preferable. Handing over conventional business cards at a certain event is a bit out-of-date and it can easily be disregarded or lost. Aside from that, exchanging of contact information with your prospects or your clients will be hassle-free once you take advantage of the smartphone apps. Even without social media, you can still send your information through email or SMS. Here are a few smartphone apps that could help you create your own virtual business cards.

1. Zap

A digital app for iPhone that allows users to create their own virtual business cards from social media accounts such as LinkedIn and Twitter without the stress. It also allows you to customize you own business card through their bundle of supplied layouts that bear a resemblance to the real-world. Once you're done, it makes your profile shareable to everyone in just a flick motion.


2. CamCard

CamCard is a free app for personal users which is available on iPhone, Windows Phone and Android devices. If you're planning to use it for business purposes, it offers starting plan for $5 per month. This app works by scanning a business card through your phone's camera then it uploads it directly to the cloud wherein it can be accessed from any devices.

3. SnapDat

This app allows you to create your own business cards and grants you the ability to share that card electronically with everyone else who's also using the app. It's design is specifically intended to imitate the process of sharing conventional business cards.


4. FullContact

For iOs or Android phone users, this app works just like CamCard wherein you just have to point out your camera and take a picture of the business card. The difference is that, FullContact hires humans to transcribe the information from the business cards.


5. CardDrop

In CardDrop, you can create a virtual business card and share it in multiple ways. You just have to open the app and as its name dictates, "drop" your business card at your current location. With the use of GPS, it will let you will meet pick it up using the app or on the web from the location. Aside from that, it also helps you to connect to new contacts via social networking sites like LinkedIn or Twitter.


With the right apps on your phone, you will never have to lose your connection to those people whom you shared your contacts with. Not only that, you no longer need to pile up traditional business cards, for all the information you need will be automatically managed without hassle! These are the perks of the digital age, which is why it's definitely worth gambling for you will have nothing to lose.


However, conventional paper-printed or customized business cards still has something to say amidst the ultimate domination of these apps. Some of us are still using it to exchange information for business or personal purposes, who can tell? I mean, we can't totally eradicate its existence but transitioning to the digital and smartphone age is not a bad thing at all, it would still be your choice whether to go for it or not.

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