In the daily news, there is always a car or road accident being reported. According to the World Health Organization, an estimate of 1.24 million people worldwide dies annually due to reckless car accidents and has been the leading cause of death among teenagers and young adults. Traffic rules are commonly violated by drivers and every year the population of automobile-related injuries continue to soar. Despite the strict implementation of road safety measures, people are still not compliant. In connection to this, there are only 28 countries which have sufficient laws that address the common risk factors, as reported by the WHO.

Traffic violations are intolerable acts that should be punished. It is not only the drivers' life that's at risk but also the lives of many road users. A single act of negligence while driving could lead to fatal injuries or ever worse, death. Being a driver, you have to think deeper about the welfare of yourself and the safety of others. It is your duty to be a law abiding citizen. Even when you're in such a hurry, slow down and make wise decisions behind the wheel. So now, here are the major driving mistakes that you need to avoid for your own good and others.


1. Distracted Driving

There are a lot of factors or things that may cause distraction to the driver, and according to the World Health organization, drivers' usage of mobile phones while on the road have increased and has become a growing concern for road safety. Aside from that, texting and rubbernecking are most likely to cause accidents as reported by Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), as a result of the study they conducted.

2. Speeding


Over speeding is one of the most prevalent causes of car accidents today. Not only had that increasing speed will most likely result to car accidents, but also has a great impact to the severity of the damages of the crash. As a driver goes faster, his reaction towards preventing an accident to happen is slower.

3. Drunk Driving (DUI)


Driving under influence of alcohol causes automobile accidents to happen every day and it is more common to teenagers and young adults. According to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) there is an estimate of 300,000 incidents occur daily as a result of drunk driving. Even famous celebrities have been arrested due to drunk driving. This mistake is preventable and it is advised by the law not to drive when under the influence of alcohol.

4. Driver Fatigue


Driver fatigue contributes 20% of road accidents as stated by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents. Drowsiness decreases the alertness and concentration of the driver on the road which may lead to fatalities and damage of property. Symptoms include: heavy eyelids, frequent yawning, a drifting vehicle that wanders over road lines, varying vehicle speed for no reason, misjudging traffic situations. As a result, drivers will not be able to make a sudden stop or react to reduce imminent impact.

5. Inclement Weather Driving


Driving in the middle of snow, heavy rain, high winds and fog is very dangerous. It is very difficult to drive with these weather conditions because the road can't be seen clearly. The road gets slippery and can cause crashes among cars as well as heavy equipment and machines on the road. There have been thousands of reported accidents and fatalities during inclement weather conditions.

Road safety should be the major priority that every driver must consider. The wheel is under your control, so make it a habit that every time you travel, take it slow. Study the road traffic rules and regulations then strictly implement it on yourself, even if others may not, will not or cannot.

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