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Managed WordPress Hosting: What’s In It For Businesses

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In this digital era, businesses take the competition online. Each one of them is working on gaining an edge while working on an appealing, responsive and user-friendly website. Being a business owner, it’s quite a challenge to juggle everything, including the management of your website. Apart from hiring a web designer or developer to build your site, it’s equally important that you take into consideration its security, accessibility and speed.


WordPress has become the top CMS (Content Management System) of choice for web designers and developers. Now, given the number of WordPress sites out there, you need to ensure a secure hosting service that best suits your needs. This said, managed WordPress hosting offers a lot of benefits to website owners and it’s an excellent choice.

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting?

First off, let’s discuss what is managed WordPress hosting. It is a hosting service wherein the hosting provider is solely focusing on improving your WordPress platform. It operates your website and eliminates the need for spending money on hiring in-house personnel or training your IT staff. Compared to other web hosting services, it has various server resource steps, security concerns which makes it stand out.


Managed WordPress hosting is being more prevalent among code-savvy people. In a general perspective, it handles a variety of tasks such as those related to server optimization, updates, etc. which makes it a perfect hosting of choice.

So now, what’s in it for businesses? Let’s find out.

Key Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Improved Security

As you build a website for your users, bear in mind that your visitors’ security should be a priority. Considering the information that is being provided online, both yours and your site’s visitors, it’s imperative that you ensure all the data are intact. Managed WordPress hosting provides assistance in case your site is hacked or has encountered malware. Plus, it provides you with the necessary systems to protect your website from malware or any other cyber threats. They also protect you from DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service).

  • Committed Expert Support

As its name suggests, this hosting provider only caters Wordpress sites. Meaning, you can expect a focused team of experts working on the platform’s quirks and troubleshooting processes. On top of that, their team’s expert support involves faster troubleshooting of Wordpress sites’ issues, providing WordPress-specific advice, and generally making your life easier all-around. This kind of specific, mission-critical level of expert support can only be achieved when you choose managed WordPress hosting.

  • Highly-Functional Features

With managed WordPress hosting, you can have access to developer-friendly tools and features that can’t be found on any other hosting plans. You can take advantage of its wide array of tools including SSH, staging, GIT and WP-CLI, in addition to basics like SFTP, database access, and error/access logs.


On top of that, this hosting service also comes with top-level support for customer PHP extensions including New Relic, system crontab access, etc. There are more features in store for you, exclusive for WordPress sites.

  • Increased Website Speed

One of the top benefits that managed Wordpress hosting offers is the optimum website speed. Nowadays, websites need to have a fast loading speed, otherwise, your site’s bounce rate will increase. Certainly, you don’t want that to happen especially when it can affect your site’s visibility since Google can take a slow loading speed a negative search factor.


Now, with managed WordPress hosting, there is a whole host of things you can do to make your site load fast. It integrates your website with a Content Delivery Network (CDN), uses caching plugins, and much more, resulting in a faster and optimised website. This is another thing you can leave to the experts.

  • Daily Backups

As a business owner, you certainly understand how valuable your site data is. Thus, you also understand the importance of backups. In any event that your WordPress site crashes down, you can rest assured that it is automatically backed up when you have managed WordPress hosting. There is an option for you to make manual backups with a click of a button. You can guarantee that a managed WordPress hosting always includes automatic backups for no additional charge.


Wrapping Up

Managed WordPress hosting offers a lot of advantages over shared hosting. In this digital era, time, peace of mind, and data integrity are priceless and even though this hosting service comes with a price, it sure is worth it. On top of that, you can worry less about cyberattacks, crashes, bugs, or tasks like performing backups, updates and caching as long as you have acquired managed WordPress hosting.


Just be sure to choose the right managed hosting providers to provide your business-specific needs. Ask for recommendations, do your homework and don’t easily fall for sweet promises. Take your business or website to a whole new level with this a managed WordPress hosting plan!

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