Logo Design: 5 Basic Types To Consider For Your Business

Have you ever wondered how did Nike, Ford and other famous brand design their logos? Is there a strategy or a certain type they follow? Everywhere you look and turn, you can always see the logos of famous brands such as: newspapers, banners, billboards and even on the internet. If you are a businessman, somehow deep within yourself you wanted to create a logo that would represent your business brand and would receive worldwide recognition just like them. That’s actually normal and it is part of your ambition for the growth of your business, whether you offer products or services.

Logo is very important in a business perspective and if you want to create a successful one, you have to consider the basic principles of logo design. Following these principles and elements could greatly help you in designing a great logo. You have to remember that logos are more than just colors, shapes, brand promise and images; it should convey the right message to the public in order for them to draw their attention to your business. Yes, it might be difficult to actually design a logo but it should always start with a great concept. Check out the five basic types of logo designs that you can consider for your business.


1. Brandmark (Symbol or Icon)

For this type of logo, in most cases, abstract images are being used to represent the brand in a simple yet bold manner. Normally, it is just a symbol or an icon with additional alternative versions in order for the logo to appear more flashy rather than ordinary. Examples of this type of logos are: Apple, Shell and Windows.

2. Lettermark (Initials)


Lettermark types are typographic wherein initial letters of the business or company are being used as representation. It is the simplest type of logo design. Some of the companies’ name are too long or difficult to pronounce, which is why they use lettermarks to create distinct logos. In addition, it assigns equal visual weight to every word in the business’ or company’s name, hence, customers can easily remember them. LG, GE and IBM are just few of the many brands that uses this design type.

3. Combination Mark (Text and Symbol)


This type of logo incorporates both text and symbol to represent the company’s or business’ brand. In fact, 56% of the most famous brands utilize this type. Using this type requires more time and effective design because it is more complex to associates the company name with a visual icon. However, if you use this type, it can give you a creative and versatile logo. Few of the many famous brands using this type are Pizza hut, Adidas, and Sprint.

4. Emblem (Text Inside Symbol)


I’m quite sure that you are familiar with the logo of Starbucks. It actually uses the emblem logo design type wherein the company/business name is enclosed with the design. It tends to resemble a badge-looking type of logo and the elements are inseparable. However, you have to be very careful when using this type, especially in terms of printing because the text needs to fit inside the symbol and when printer on smaller sizes it may not be visible. Aside from Starbucks, few other examples are: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and NFL.

5. Wordmark (Text)


Wordmarks are also known as logotypes wherein it consists of pure text. This type works best if the company’s/business’ name is very distinctive and short. According to Nodinx, many times, custom fonts are created specifically for brands to use across all their marketing and branding collateral. This is highly recommended for smaller companies who are just starting up. Examples are: Facebook, Google and Sony.

Now, you can choose what design you prefer to use for your logo. Gaining attention from the public is not an instant success, it would take time and you should be patient. It is highly recommended for you to create a customized logo design rather than just copy images or stock photos online. It pays to be unique. Incorporate all your ideas, contemplate on these design types, use complementary colors and select the right fonts. Once you have all of these, certainly your logo will be eye-catching and fascinating at the same time. You can be proud in displaying it in advertisement materials, billboards, banners as well as your business cards.

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