As spring brightens up the earth with its radiant glow, and sheds vibrant colors everywhere, we all want to have the same aura in our homes, right? I bet you don't want to have the same dim and dull house you had last winter season, am I correct? Having a bright lighting in your home is an important element to add mood and elegant style to your home. Most of us have already planned for home renovations and it is essential that you take the time to think and consider what lighting ideas or design would work best with your home makeover projects.

Chandeliers, light bulbs and lamps are just few of the many lighting fixtures that you might want to consider for the transformation of your home. Each room in your house has different lighting needs, which is why there should be a separate decision and choice. Give your home a flattering glow that would give you a nice and chic setting. Reflect the radiance of this season with unique shades and styles that would impeccably add to the beautification of your humble abode. Just remember two rules for this; have a mix of light sources at different levels and appropriate task lighting specific to a room. Let these bright lighting ideas remind you of how merry spring is.


1. Living Room

This room is also known as lounge room used for family relaxation and socializing with guests. For this room, you can use a combination of wall, table and floor lamps to light at least 3 of the four corners. You can also add a chandelier in the center part of the ceiling to illumine the whole room and try a mix of grey colors and modern art. Allow one lamp or bulb to focus on a particular object like a plant, wall art, or furniture.

2. Bathroom


This spring you can add shades of colors to your bathroom by putting lampshades in both sides of the mirror. You can use bright colors of spring such as yellow or green to maximize the illumination inside the bathroom. Or if you want to have a luxurious bathroom setting, you can add crystal chandelier at the center and an addition of candle lamps in each side would do perfectly.

3. Bedroom


This is the part of the house where we consider as our sanctuary after a long day. Most of us still prefer to read and work while in bed, and if you're one of the many, task lighting would be the best for your bedroom. You can mix lighting fixtures such as table lamps, swing-arm lamps that would specifically light up an area where you prefer. You can have an option to add dimmers to control its brightness.

4. Kitchen


Kitchen is where the magic of cooking happens; it is where we normally feel soulful. This season, you can opt to mix contemporary and classic at the same time. It is nice to invest in the classic for it never gets old with time. For your kitchen you can place a vintage chandelier or hanging lights at the center. It would perfectly complement wooden cabinets. Another option is to mix and match fixtures to create a collective look.

In renovating your home, whether you prefer to do-it-yourself or hire a contractor, these lighting ideas are worth to consider. In buying materials, make sure not to purchase cheap ones. Going with the classic or modern lighting designs are great, just remember to use appropriate and quality-guaranteed home renovation accessories for lighting. Plan thoroughly and let your imagination work. Have fun and feel the spring's warmth in your home.

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