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Just Basic SEO Things: A Quick Guide for Photographers

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We live in the digital age when an opportunity is available for anyone who is willing to go with the flow of time. The internet is a powerful tool that came with the digital age, and it is thirsty for information. It used to be a tool just for sharing information, but it has evolved into a tool for communication and even business! What does this mean for a photographer like you? Depending on what you plan to do, it could mean more clients, or the total obliteration of your career as you know it. Okay, the last one is an exaggeration. But, really, a strong online presence is very important for businesses to thrive.


How do you build a strong online presence? The answer is a website and an effective SEO strategy, my sweet summer child.

What is SEO?

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Search Engine Optimisation or SEO helps websites rank well on Google or other search engines. It is exactly what its name is. Anyways, you need SEO to reach the first page of the results page. Why does that matter? Well, for one— the websites sitting on their pretty thrones on the first page of the search results page gets most of the action. And you do want some action for your photography business, right?

The thing with SEO is that it is constantly changing, so it requires an ongoing effort that changes with the trend.


Can You DIY SEO for Your Photography Business?

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Sure you can, buddy. But of course, an expert SEO specialist can work on your strategy more efficiently in the sense that they have the experience and knowledge to boost your photography business ranking. However, if you have the time and patience for it— you can definitely work on this on your own.

Boost Your Photography Business: SEO Checklist for Beginners

  1. Check if Google can find your website and its pages.
  2. Research for keywords relevant to your business which, in this case, is photography.
  3. Make sure that your website loads fast. You can do this by choosing an effective web hosting service.
  4. Set up a Google My Business profile.
  5. Work on citation profiles that contains your business name, address, and business hours consistent with your Google My Business profile.
  6. Make sure that the citation profiles are discoverable by Google.
  7. Utilise your Google My Business profile by posting at least once per week or adding your website within your GMB profile.
  8. Make sure to use a search engine friendly URL structure and use short URLs.
  9. Be mindful of your image sizes.
  10. Avoid using too many plugins on your website.
  11. Do not use scripts or tracking codes that might slow down your website speed.
  12. Do not do keyword cramming.
  13. Use keywords on your metadata, H1, H2, H3, etc.
  14. Use keywords on your body text at least 2- 3 times.
  15. Remove duplicate pages.


Anything is possible if you are willing to try. Hopefully, this quick SEO checklist for photographers will guide you to your venture into the wonderful world of digital marketing. Keep in mind that there’s no shame in getting in touch with an expert, after all, they know the process like the back of their hand.

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