Exciting Activities For Quality Time With Your Dog This Weekend

Were you so busy this week that you don’t have time with your pets? If that’s the case, quit the long face and get ready for this weekend. Dogs are considered as man’s best friend and majority of the population prefers to have them as pets. I completely understand that your pets are part of your family and you want to give them the best attention and care that you could probably provide, because I also have an adorable puppy at home that I can’t bear to leave behind. However, duty calls. We all have work to attend to and a hectic lifestyle during weekdays. But, don’t worry, this weekend would be a great time for you to spend with your lovely canine companions.

Take the opportunity of the warm weather to get your dog out of the house and have some fun under the sun. There a various activities that you and your pets would enjoy and certainly it would be so great to be with them even for just a weekend. It’s your chance to make up with the time that you were not able to be with them. This is not just for your pets’ enjoyment but as well as yours. When the weekend is over, you’ll be back on the reality of a busy schedule. So now, here are the exciting activities for quality time with your dogs this weekend.


1. Hit The Beach

Take advantage of the great weather, hit the beach and take your cute animal companions with you. You can play with them along the sand, run along the seashore while they’re beside you and you can even take them for a little sunbathing time. Or you can play “fetch the ball”, surely your pets will love it.

2. Bike Ride


We are all familiar that dogs love to stick out their tongues out the window especially when riding a car. This is because dogs experience life through smell and it gives them superb ecstasy when they do that. So this weekend, instead of driving a car, take your dog for a bike ride, to would feel just the same. Attach a pet carrier into your bike so that it will be safe for dog to travel.

3. Swimming


Dogs love water so it would be great if you take them for a swim. Swimming has health benefits to our dogs wherein it provides low-impact workout that won’t put stress on a dog’s developing joints. However, for your pet’s safety, especially if he is not yet good at swimming, you must provide them with life vest.

4. Flying Disc Sport


I personally love this sport for my pup and even I am enjoying it. Flying disc or Frisbee can be a great game wherein your dog races out and makes a remarkable leap then snags the flying disc from the air. You can do this in the nearest park around your area.

5. Hiking/Camping


Dogs are great companion especially when you go hiking. You can walk with them while enjoying nature and at the same time, they could use it as exercise. Pack plenty of food and water, and supervise your dog closely at all times. If you are planning for an overnight camping, leash your dog so that they will not wander off.

All these activities will surely be enjoyed by both of you. Before you go, you have to make sure that all the things that you need will be packed especially if your activities will require travel. Outdoor activities especially hiking/camping, mean that your pets will be exposed to various factors that may trigger sickness or diseases such as Lyme Disease. This is the reason why beforehand, it is important to get your pets vaccinated and it is required to visit a veterinarian regularly. You wouldn’t want anything to harm your beloved pets, right? If this has been completed previously, then you’re set and ready to go! Fun beckons, so dive into it!

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