This summer, more and more people are on planning on various trips and escapades. Beach outings, camping, kayaking and road trips are the most common activities people enjoy during this season. Aside from that, people also love to go for a cruise and summer is the perfect time for it. Are you planning for a cruise as well? If so, then you could choose from a range of best travel destinations this season and have your plans set. One of the most amazing destinations for summer is Alaska, and a lot of people are choosing it for many reasons such as weather, wilderness and abundant wildlife.

Alaska is the largest state in the United States and also holds the title for the largest collection of bald eagles and salmon. It is also considered home to the world’s largest bear which is the Kodiak bears. The Denali National park allows people to view natural habitats of bears and other animals. It is also known as the world’s best destination for skiing and snowboarding because of it now-capped mountain ranges that are truly perfect. However, people often think of the expense before going for a cruise to Alaska and most of them, including you want to enjoy and have fun without jeopardizing your budget. So, here are few of the many excellent money saving tips you can consider.


1. Book Early

Alaska is indeed one of the best travel destinations this season and this 2015, cruise lines have been advertising a busy 2015 season. Given this, during peak seasons, cruise can be very expensive. This is why it is better to book your cruise early in order for you to have a decent price that would fit your budget.

2. Look At Itinerary Choices


Various itinerary choices are available for every cruise to Alaska, so you don’t have to stress yourself out. If you really want to see or have a glimpse on the icy glaciers, most of the cruise lines spend more time at glaciers than others, which means that you could truly enjoy the view anywhere or whatever itinerary you choose – whether Inside Passage or Gulf of Alaska.

3. Pack Carefully


When cruising to Alaska, you have to consider the weather. This is why you have to pack carefully especially your clothes and hygiene. You have to dress in layers with a lightweight waterproof jacket on top and a warm sweater and T-shirt underneath. You must also bring insect repellent, sunscreen and other essentials so that you don’t have to purchase it on the cruise to avoid expense.

4. Access The Internet During Port Calls


Accessing internet while on board a cruise ship is very expensive, hence, you have to manage your internet usage. You can pre-write your emails and send them when the ship is in port to save time and money. You can access internet through internet cafés, air card or mobile hot spots. You can also call your provider and request international plan to be added on your subscription for the duration of your trip. This will save you money and hassle.

5. Work With A Travel Agents


Travel agents could be a great advantage for you because they can help you help find the best cruise, save money, and monitor sales after booking to get upgrades and more. They can help you access a lot of information from cruise lines and their deals so that you can have more options. Plus, they could also help you is something or anything goes wrong on your cruise.

6. Explore DIY options


Before your trip, you can search the internet and book for some exciting activities wherein you can save money. Yes, cruise lines can do that but if you do that yourself, you can save money and book all the activities you like at a lower price. Explore on your own by searching the web in advance and look for other options for yours that you can book by yourself.

7. Plan Shore Excursions


Whales watch tour, dog-sledding experience, deep-sea fishing excursion and other wilderness experience are just few of the many exciting adventures you can do when you book or spree on shore excursions. Alaska is the best place to experience various shore excursions and you should carefully plan for it. Booking early or in advance to get first dibs is advised.

For many cruise travelers, Alaska is truly a dreamland and reaching its destination is truly a dream come true. Booking shore excursions along your travel or cruise is a great idea and certainly it would complete your goal when you embark on the great land of Alaska. Just don’t forget to bring your camera with you so as to capture the moments that you have earned and it is better if you tag your friends or family along with you. Surely, this would be summer escapade to remember! Fun and excitement awaits you in Alaska, so get your bags ready, consider these tips and be on your way!

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