​Elder People Are More Amazing Than You Think

When we say elders, we often think of old people who aren't capable anymore of physical activities and who prefer to sit in rocking chairs every day. Most of the times, these elders are underestimated and devalued for their capabilities due to their age. However, did it ever cross your mind that they might be more that what they are perceived to be? That there more to them that meets the naked eye? In this society that we live in today, people share a common misconception about how elders are and what they can do. In this generation, most of us find it hard to believe that seniors can do something unexpected.

Elder people are also victims of abuse and abandonment from their own families and caregivers. In fact, out of 10 cases of abuse there are only about 6 cases which are reported to the authorities. This scenario can prove that elders can be braver, for they were able to suppress the pain and the agony that they have went through. On the other hand, they can also be as funny as anyone else. They can put up jokes that could make you laugh your heart out. I mean, they are amazing and here are few examples why.


1. Striving Achiever

In the recent news, an elderly woman named Marie Hunt graduated from high school with an honorary degree. She was able to graduate from River Valley High School while she was living in an assisted living facility. She showed everyone that age doesn't matter if you have a dream to achieve; an opportunity came and she went for it.

2. Elders Can be Your Unlikely Friend


Who knew a 90-year old veteran and a 4-year old kid could be the best of friends? Yes it is possible. Both living in Minnesota, veteran Erling Kindem and Emmett Rychner built a neighbor relationship that made the world see that friendship knows no limitations. During the veteran's birthday, the boy gave him a pair of dog tags engraved with words "Friends Forever".

3. Who Said They Can't Date?


Tinder is a dating woman app that is commonly used by people to hunt for dates. Joe, the grandfather of Ethan Cole, helped his grandson find dates. He used Joe's younger pictures and had five amazing meet-ups with beautiful women. Though it is awkward, yet it is one act that shows the brighter side of elders.

4. Old But Capable Athletes


A 62-year-old marathon swimmer from Los Angeles, California named Diana Nyad surprisingly made history when she attempted to swim a distance of 103 miles from Havana, Cuba to Florida. She called her journey as the "Xtreme Dream". Twitter followers had been kept updated throughout her expedition and despite numerous jellyfish stings and obstacles along the way, she was able to make it through.

5. Hardcore Fighter


Hollywood celebrity Mickey Rourke made a comeback to the boxing ring at the age of 62 and was able to defeat his 29-year-old opponent. The tournament was held in Moscow, where Rourke scored 2 knockdowns against Elliot Seymour.

See? They are more capable than what we think. They never stop trying to do things. Their body may be out of balance through the years, or their memory might be not that sharp, yet they will surprise you. Elders can tell stories that hold power and are worth remembering; stories that tell lessons in life. So, whenever you see an elder down the road or in a café, don't be timid to approach them and exchange worthwhile conversations. You'll never know, maybe the story you'll hear will surprise you.

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