Who says elders are far behind technology? Who said that they are unenlightened in terms of smartphone and computer usage? Well, think again! According to recent research, up to 59% of seniors go online and takes advantage of the digital age. Though they might be later adopters compared to youngsters, still they were able to cope up with the latest advancements. Yes it is inevitable that some seniors, those who are less affluent, are not that inclined with technology, but we have to appreciate that more than half of their population have positive embrace and outlooks regarding the advent of technology.

As a matter of fact, there are seniors who play online games. Even my grandma has her hands on Candy Crush Saga and she can't get her hands off of the tablet! Aside from the games, there are other applications that work best for these elders. Mobile and desktop applications can bring them fun, excitement and can help them assess their physical capabilities. That's what technology can bring forth to our precious elders. Even those seniors who are being taken care of in long-term assisted living facilities know how to have fun and flick their fingers on those gadgets. So now, here are few of the apps that work best for them.

1. Fruits Memory Game

This is a fruit game that could test our elders' memory and a game for all ages. In this game, you have to find all the pairs of fruits among the bunch. According to Androidauthority, this game has fruits that are rendered in gorgeous 3D, ranging from the traditional apple to orange, cherries, blueberries and more. For those of you who aren't familiar with the game, you'll have to match the pairs of fruits but all the fruits are obscured by large question marks. To top it off, the order of the fruits have been jumbled. Your goal is to "turn over" each question mark and guess where the orange's twin is located. The game is won once you've found all the fruits pairs.


2. Clock Face Test

Clock Face Test is a cognitive app that could help evaluate dementia as well as Alzheimer's. This app allows users to drag numbers to the appropriate place on the clock. From there, the app will assess their performance.

3. WebMD

This is a very helpful app that lets you keep up with your health. According to TabTimes, this app the app features a wide range of information on medical conditions and advice for healthy living. It can be of great help during medical emergencies, but not only – you can use its Symptom Checker to perform a preliminary diagnosis of your issues and, if necessary, seek professional help.


4. EyeReader

Seniors usually are having a hard time in reading, therefore this app was developed to help them have a clearer vision of their reading materials. It simply acts as a magnifying glass – by holding your iPhone in front of a book or newspaper you'll get a clear picture of the text with a light to help brighten it and ensure a pleasant read.


5. Crosswords Classic

Nothing beats the original, that's what they say. This app nurtures seniors' cognitive skills as well as trains their memory to be sharp. It looks like the normal crossword puzzle but digital, it's a piece of cake for elders.


These mentioned apps could greatly help elderly people in having a great time with technology. Not only that it could be an instrument for providing their happiness but as well as tool for checking the health welfare. Elders should not be treated differently and we should be appreciative on what they could do besides stitching, knitting and playing card games. Elders are also capable of doing what younger people do, they might be slower but they could keep up, that's what's important. Cheers to our seniors! And may they continue to show the world that they can be digitally savvy as well.

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