DIY Alert: 10 Major Home Renovation Mistakes To Avoid

Are you planning to have your home renovated for this season? Do you want to do it yourself? If so, there are things you need to consider and avoid before taking a step further. Mistakes are common and it is already part of being human, however, we can still do something about that. It can be either big or small but we can't just let that happen especially in transforming your home into something better. Take your time in planning everything out and don't do something drastic because it might lead you to trouble. There's no need to rush thing through because your home also needs delicate touches for improvement.

You might think that it is impossible not to commit any error along the way, but let me just enlighten you that it is not also impossible to avoid terrible things from happening. This is your home that we're talking about, and I know how important it is for you to keep it clean, beautiful and safe that is why renovations play a critical role. Mistakes also has its domino effect, one single error may affect the rest of the process that you're about to do. So think twice and here are the home renovation mistakes you need to avoid.


Mistake #1: Purchasing Cheap Materials

According to experts, this is the most common mistake that people make when it comes to home renovations, so as a do-it-yourselfer, please don't be cheap in buying your materials. You may be on a tight budget, but you also need to consider the quality of the supplies that you will be using. In the end, you shall get what you paid for, remember that.

Mistake #2: Inaccurate Measurements

It is important to take measurements properly and accurately for it will be the basis for the management of your supplies. Every inch or centimeter is important and it can make a big difference. You need to make sure that the dimensions are symmetrical and equal to perfectly achieve your renovation goals.


Mistake #3: Poor Preparation

As what we've mentioned earlier, you don't have to rush things. You need to have a detailed plan to keep you on budget and on time. Do things and start it in the right way so that the following steps that you will do would never be out of line.


Mistake # 4: Excessive Work

Know your limitations – don't work too much on something that you can no longer handle. Stick with your plan and don't jump into shortcuts just to make your work easier. You only need to do what you can and take one step at a time.


Mistake #5: Usage of Wrong Tools

Choosing wrong tools for your renovation may either break your project, wreck the tool itself or it may break you. That is why selecting proper tools is a very important thing you should consider.


Mistake #6: Getting Too Stylish

Trend comes and goes, so you better stick to the classics for it never runs out of time. Yes, selecting trendy furniture might look good on your project but you need to keep in mind that before you know it, it's not the latest hip anymore.


Mistake #7: Overlooking Lighting

Take consideration of the lighting in your home because it can change the colors and the ambiance of the place. You need to combine the three types of lighting in order to achieve great designs and results.


Mistake #8: Misjudging Scale

Pay attention to the details of furniture and fixtures that you want to use for your project. For example, in selecting items on a brochure or online catalogs, you need to examine the manufacturer's details about the size and other relative information.


Mistake #9: Failure To Recall Safety

Safety First – this is the main thing that you have to remember while you are working on your project. Focusing on your work is great but it doesn't mean that you have to disregard your safety. Use personal protective equipment such as goggles to protect your eyes, ear protection to protect your hearing and gloves to protect your hands from fragments, nails and such according to experts.


Mistake #10: Avoiding Permit

Make sure to get a permit whenever you're performing your homework. Being a law-abiding citizen is always good, besides, if anything serious might happen to you or your home while it's under renovation, your homeowner's insurance will be able to cover it.


So now, you know what mistakes to avoid while working with your home transformation. It is better that you are cautious and knowledgeable of things that may happen. So if you're ready, go ahead and start your home renovation and don't forget to take pictures so that you will see the before and after pictures of your home's transformation. Goodluck!

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