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Debunking Common Managed Web Hosting Myths

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Okay, so you’ve finally decided to build a website. For starters, it may seem like an easy job considering the number of options available when building a website. Though it’s not just about building and designing an appealing website. Hosting services should be another thing that you have to consider. Why? Web hosting ensures that your website will always be accessible on the web by hosting all your files on a server.


With regards to web hosting, there are several options for you to choose from like free hosting, shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated server hosting and managed web hosting. These types of hosting services have their own pros and cons, myths even.

Managed web hosting may be the least favourite hosting services for some companies and web developers. Well, it’s probably due to the myths that people keep passing around. It’s about time that we debunk the common managed web hosting myths and see how beneficial it is.


Managed Web Hosting Is More Expensive Than Others

The most common myth about web hosting is that it is more expensive than other web hosting services. Well, it’s not completely true. Let’s discuss the bigger picture. Managed web hosting offers various benefits that are not included in other web hosting packages such as efficient server monitoring, enhanced security, data backups and software and hardware maintenance.


On top of that, managed web hosting can save money and time. How? With this hosting service, there’s no need to hire database admins, system admins, and other staff to manage your servers since the provider got it covered. In the long run, you can reduce operating costs. Unlike unmanaged or free hosting services, this hosting service has no hidden fees.

Managed Web Hosting Is Best For Startups Only

If you are thinking that managed web hosting is best for newbies only, then you’re wrong! Some believe that its services are only fit for those who are new in the web development business and with little knowledge on how to operate or run a website. On the contrary, it would be of great benefit to bigger companies, not just for startups. Considering its various associated services and cost benefits, even companies with top-level IT professionals can reap the benefits of managed web hosting.


Managed Web Hosting Guarantees 100% Uptime

Web hosting packages are not equal and some have better offers than the other. For the most part, people believe that managed web hosting promises 100 per cent uptime 24/7. Well, that’s incorrect! There’s no such thing as a perfect system nor web hosting - nobody can ever guarantee a 100 per cent uptime.


It’s inevitable to encounter interruptions. This means that in rare instances service may become unavailable for hours or even days at a time. However, you can rest assured that there will be a team to promptly work on any issues.

Managed Web Hosting Offers Limited Software Options

Every web hosting provider has its own array of services to offer including server platforms, applications and other software resources. With managed web hosting, you have an acceptable range of software options and server platforms. It’s easy to find a hosting provider that could meet your business-specific needs unless you have some very exotic software needs.


Managed Web Hosting Requires Top-Level IT

Okay, so this is another myth that is definitely untrue. Managed web hosting offers professional customer support which means there’s no need to train your staff or put in additional resources. Aside from that, there is no need for you to know about coding in order to create a dynamic website that operates on databases.


Managed web hosting providers guarantee a 24/7, 365 days of expert technical support. Given this, there’s no need to hire top-level IT to manage your servers.


Managed web hosting packages come with a number of benefits. Yes, it may come with a high price but consider the advantages you can reap out of it. Plus, before you believe any of these myths, be sure that you have done your homework by finding out the real deal. On top of that, to guarantee that you get the most value for what you’re paying for, choose the right managed web hosting provider that best suits your business needs. 

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