Few more days to go and it’s Father’s Day! Everybody has their own ideas of what to do or celebrate this event with a blast. It is an annual celebration to pay tribute to the man whom have given us life together with our mothers and has been the one who works hard to provide our needs. The figure whom we’ve looked up to while we’re growing up deserves to be thanked and honored on this very special day. On June 21st, the world will celebrate this event along with families all over the world who are grateful for having this person in their lives, including me.

Father’s Day can be celebrated in various ways whether outdoors or just at home. It is not necessary to spend too much in order to show how grateful you are to your father. Even simple acts and gifts would do. For this forthcoming day, you can plan a simple surprise for your father and you’re going to need the cooperation of your entire family to make this possible. You can brainstorm and put all your thoughts together in order to have a well-laid plan. You can refer to the following brilliant ideas to give your father a good celebration this Father’s Day.


1. Family Outing

One of the best ways to celebrate this special occasion is family outing. Look for the best places to have a picnic near you. This is best time when you could spend quality time with one another. You can also visit nearby museum, a farmer’s market, or a ball game where you and your family would certainly love especially dad. List down what dad likes, after all, this is his day.

2. Homemade Gifts


A gift specially designed by you would be a priceless gift that your dad would certainly love. Of course mom, you can also make one of your own. Greeting cards, cutout frames and cupcakes are just dew of the many handmade gift ideas you can prepare for dad. No matter how simple it is, still it would mean a lot to him. Add a special not on it and make it personal, he’ll definitely love it.

3. Bike Ride


Go for a bike ride and have a little fun time with dad. You can go for a little cruising while riding your two-wheel ride and enjoy seeing the views. To make it even more exciting, you can play a game like bicycle scavenger hunt or have a mini race. Just make sure to be cautious and wear protective gears while doing so.

4. Take a Trip to the Beach


Summer is fast approaching and the weather is perfect for a family trip to the beach. It is the best time for dad to relax from work and spend a quality time with you guys. You and your dad can enjoy various beach activities where you can also tag your mom along. Build sand castles, play beach volleyball and don’t forget to take a camera with you to capture this moment.

5. Fishing Trip


One of the most common hobbies by dads is fishing, so it is best to go for a fishing trip on his special day. Find a nice local fishing spot and you can rent fishing rods. Your dad would certainly love this and he’ll definitely show you the tricks of the trade. This is also a relaxing way to spend Father’s Day.

Fun doesn’t end when twilight comes, in fact, it is an indication that you can still continue the excitement even after the sun sets. For moms out there, you can cook a special dinner for this occasion and ask your children to help you with it. Don’t forget to cook your husband’s favorite and surprise him. At night, you can have a little family movie time and play your favorite movies and don’t forget to prepare the popcorn. After that, you can cuddle up in the soft comfort of bed and enjoy story-telling, as well as rib-tickling jokes. There’s nothing more satisfying and heartwarming than to have your whole family in just one bed for a night while you revel in their embrace and their love. Happy Father’s day everyone!

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