Packing for a business trip is quite a handful task to do and requires meticulous planning. You need to know where you're going, what to bring and what is your main purpose for your trip (it's very important).Careful preparation is a must especially if you're a first-timer. Take your time in running through your stuff and as much as possible you have to travel light and avoid bulky stuff, you don't want to scratch your head when you see the travel fees along with your luggage. Remember, it's a business trip and not a vacation, first thing first, and bring only what's necessary.

What's necessary? – That's the first question that you have to consider. Business trips are important, and you don't want ruin it just because of a single item you forgot to pack. Having yourself to think about it over and over again will lose your concentration and confidence. Since your objective for the trip is business, I'm sure there will be presentations, reports and discussions within your colleagues. So, to help you out in sorting your things, here are 7 must-have items that you may want to consider.


1. Clean and Neat Business Attires

For your business meetings, it is important to look formal and wear clean clothes for it represents you as a businessman. As much as possible, pack wrinkle resistant clothes so that it will not easily crumpled while it's inside your luggage bag and it would still look dashing when you're going to use it.

2. 2 pairs of Shoes


Want to know why? Having two pairs of shoes will bring you comfort while travelling. You don't want to wear leather shoes the entire trip, right? So, you can pack another pair of rubber shoes or any type of shoes as you desire.

3. Undergarments and Socks


Pack enough for each day of your trip plus two extra pairs of each. You never know when you might want to change clothes or just freshen up a bit. Clean underwear and socks will keep you fresh and avoid skin irritations or smelly feet.

4. Pants, Jacket, Shirts


Aside from your business clothes, you have to pack extra clothing for other activities prior and after your meeting. You can opt for either functional or stylish cover ups, depending on how you like it. Pat least one pair of nice slacks or jeans, a nice jacket, and a few shirts that you can wear alternately.

5. Technology


Don't forget to bring your gadgets with you. Laptop and flash drives for your presentations are the most important things. Utilize the GPS on your smartphone to ensure you're on the right track and to avoid getting lost. Make sure to bring laptop and mobile chargers as well, to avoid losing connection to everyone.


6. Pen and Paper


Despite the high-tech gadgets, you still need a pen and paper. If you have thought of something all of a sudden, you can write it down and list everything you have in mind. You will need to sign documents and fill up forms as well that's why these two things are essential.

7. Travel Documents


You're not going to go anywhere without these. Keep your tickets, boarding passes and, of course, all those receipts. In your luggage, pack a record of all reservations (print out your hotel confirmation emails). Bring any necessary contact info if you have health or travel insurance.

8. Business Cards


Lastly, make sure to pack your personal or customized business cards. You'll never know when you would meet people that could be one of your prospects for your business. It always helps to bring this along, to keep you always ready for ventures that may come around every corner. Every travel/trip that you go, take time to slip this one on your wallet.

Now that we're done enumerating all the necessary things you need to take with you on your business trip, you could start reevaluating your stuff if you have already packed; for those who haven't made any decisions on what to pack, you can use these guidelines. Bon Voyage!

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