5 Creative Wall Decorations: Turn Blank Space Into A Beautiful Gallery

Do you have a blank wall space on your living room or bedroom? Are you quite feeling empty whenever you stare at the wall? If yes, then this spring is the perfect time for you to redecorate your wall and add a little color to it. This is the season of the year when flowers bloom and everything around you is radiating a vibrant glow that is why your wall should have one as well. According to research, colorful and bright colors help people feel much better about ourselves and affect our mood throughout the day or in any instance that we might feel emotional.

In connection to this, colors also reflect our perception of the things around us. In redecorating the wall, there are a number of creative things you can do to make it beam aside from the colors. You might also consider style and other materials to make your wall more artistic. A mix of modern and vintage will do great as well. As much as possible, you can opt for DIY wall crafts for a personal touch and so that your imagination could be used as an inspiration. So let your spring radiate joy and cheerfulness by transforming your blank wall space into a work of art.


1. Art Frames

Art frames are classic; a piece that never gets old but can be designed out of different materials. For your wall, you can make a frame with colorful glass gems and place it in your bathroom or in any room where you want it to. Aside from that, you can also reuse your old stuff like metallic sheets and old wood for a Mason jar wall frame. Or simply, use old frames, use chalk paint to color, add old stuff around the frame and place your family picture.

2. Wall-Mounted Shelves


Another design to make your wall look interesting is a wall-mounted shelf. You can add symmetrical shelves wherein you can display a mini-vase, pocketbooks, figurines, toys or even family pictures. You can have it painted with different colors or simply use old wood or classic paint colors.

3. Decorative Mirrors


Adding mirrors into your bedroom or family room can make your space look bigger as well as contribute to good lighting. Ornamental mirrors could add aesthetic style to your home and would truly reflect the radiance of spring. Aside from ornamental mirrors, you can also try making your own mirror out of egg cartons and make flowers out of it then out it around the mirror.

4. Collector's Wall


Now, this one is really a personal price of art. Are you fond of collecting hats, caps or masks? Well then, you can make your own collections gallery on your blank wall space. All you have to do is hang your collections against the wall using a nail or a screw will do the job. Any stuff that you have collected through the years are worth displaying and could make your wall a place of fond memories.

5. Wall Canvas/Paintings


Paintings on canvas are the most popular wall decoration that has been used over the years to make a room more beautiful and appealing. You can have two options for this: purchase a ready-made painting or paint your own. Reflect spring on your painting with bright colors and patterns or things that best represent your mood or the season. You can create an abstract, landscapes or still life paintings that would work perfectly in bringing life to your wall.

Having all these beautiful wall crafts, you can redecorate your wall space and let your imagination work. After all the creative hard work, you'll be surprised of how beautiful your masterpiece would become. Always bear in mind that a personal touch could bring sentimental value to your work. Season may come and go, but these wall decorations will last. Embrace spring with a radiant wall space and enjoy the tranquility it could offer!

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